Create a compelling, engaging, and enhanced viewing experience for Showtime’s Pay Per View Sports telecasts.
SHO Sync delivers the quintessential second-screen TV companion experience using Automated Content Recognition (ACR) to listen, identify, and serve enhanced content for your favorite Showtime Original Series such as Homeland, Shameless, Californication, and more. The enhanced content includes behind the scenes photos, exclusive videos, interactive trivia, polls, and predictions. Adding another level of interactivity, users are also able to tweet live while watching their favorite Showtime shows.

Showtime's objective is to integrate SHO Sync’s enhanced experience into it’s PPV Sports live telecasts starting with boxing.
An enhanced second-screen experience for Showtime’s PPV Sports available across multiple platforms including web, mobile, tablets, and Smart TVs. SHO Sync Sports focuses on four key areas which are Live Data (interactive data visualizations featuring boxer fight stats, punch counts, and heat maps), Social (ability for fans to chat with other viewers), Skill (providing fans with a real-time fight prediction game and an authentic boxing scoring experience as the fight event progresses) and Showtime Official (access to VIP content such as celebrity photos, exclusive backstage videos, ring card girls, and more).

Unfortunately, the project was put on indefinite hold after Showtime determined that it was technically unfeasible to develop and implement the desired features of SHO Sync Sports at the current time.
Visual Design, Product Design, User Experience Design, and Interactive Prototyping.

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