Studying customer behavior to enhance and customize consumer-buying experiences and improve sales effectiveness in real-world environments.

Vadu is a Canadian startup using sophisticated face recognition algorithms and data analytics to study customer behavior. It was born from a pilot program developed by GE Ventures, GE Licensing, and Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, a research and innovation platform that gives entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses access to a treasure trove of unused GE intellectual property. Using revolutionary vision algorithms to strip metadata from video capture and mixing it with sales-related data to better understand customer behavior, assess sales performance, and obtain clues for enriching the customer experience.

Vadu's branding no longer reflected its core business goals and values. To revitalize Vadu's brand and help bring clarity to its vision, a new visual identity and brand system were created to both better reflect and define the company's mission, values, and culture. The new brand identity uses gradients to symbolize range of emotion and the logo wordmark incorporates different emoticons to reflect sentiment and feeling. Vadu's new brand strategy extended to its online presence resulting in a fully responsive website that is designed to work and look flawlessly on screens of all sizes and shapes.

Visual Identity Branding Web Design and Development

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