Inspiring self-expression by designing the life you want to live with unique products thoughtfully designed, crafted, and curated for your everyday life.

Sillie is an online marketplace of lifestyle goods and home decor. Its mission is to help people enjoy their daily life with everyday goods that speak to them in unique ways. Born from the desire to make well designed products that people can relate to and emotionally engage with. Ignite passions and evoke emotions with everyday lifestyle goods that speak to who you are and how you want to be perceived.

A simple and bold logotype that is easy to remember and immediately recognizable is the perfect entry point to Sillie's brand identity. Sillie celebrates self-expression and self-confidence by allowing consumers to express their personal identity through thoughtfully designed lifestyle goods and encourages them to just be "silly" doing so. This playful and silly spirit is reflected in its bold typography, bright and contemporary colors, abstract patterns, stylish photography, and crisp messaging.

Sillie is a fully responsive e-commerce site with fun and playful branding, and seamless customer experience from the second a user lands on the home page to the moment they purchase a product and beyond. The shopping cart and checkout process is an essential part of a successful and great user experience. The shopping cart is designed for minimal distraction while shopping and slides out from the side when you need it meaning customers never get lost, and can easily checkout whenever they like. Checkout is simple, intuitive, and quick with less forms to fill. Designed to flawlessly work across every touchpoint, from desktop to mobile and everywhere in-between.

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